We offer both a Delivery and Collection Service ( via appointment ).

Delivery / Collection

You are welcome to purchase fish and dry goods through the website and select the delivery or click and collect option, we will then get in touch to arrange a suitable day for you to receive them or a time for you to pick them up.

We require the night time temperatures to be above 4 degrees to post fish, so will be in touch to update you on this.

Delivery Prices

Dry goods/inc food

Malawi fish flake £4 per 100gram postage £3
Malawi fish granular £9 per 300 gram postage £3

£17 per 600g  postage £3

£27 per 1kg postage £3
Malawi fish spira tab £2 per 50gram postage £3

Sponge filters

Double sponge filter £4each postage £3
200litre weighted sponge filter £5 each postage £3
380litre airstone sponge filter £10 postage £3
200litre airstone sponge filter £7 postage £3
100litre airstone sponge filter £4 postage £3

Wavemaker/circulation pump

3000litres per hour/6watt £15 postage £3

Heater 300watt £12 postage £3
Heater 200watt £12 postage £3
Fish net 10inch £4 postage £1
Fish net 5 inch £3 postage £1
Glass Thermometer £2 postage £1
Digital Thermometer £5 postage £1
500 lph Internal filter £9 postage £3
300 lph internal filter £8 postage £3
Silicon airline £1 per 1meter postage £1
Large fry/breeder/hospital net 5x15x15cm £5 postage £3

Waterlife treatments

Haloex 500ml £14 postage £3
Myxazin 500ml £14 postage £3
Protozin 500ml £14 postage £3
Octazin 200 tablets £20 postage £3

Posting your order 

When we receive your order we will get in touch via phone / Email to arrange a suitable delivery day to ensure someone is in to receive them and introduce to their new home.

Delivery is available on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only. We need to book the courier the day before they are due to the collected.

It costs £35 for as many fish/dry goods as you would like. This cost covers a polysterene box, heat packs, bags, water additive and courier charge.

We are also able to offer a delivery to Northern Ireland and Northern Scotland, this service costs £30 for up to 12 fish. Once we receive your order, we will refund £5.

Your fish will arrive between 7 – 2 pm and possible delivery days are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

We require a contact phone number and any special instructions for the courier. We also need the night time temperatures to be above four degrees at both your address and ours as we want the best possible conditions for the fish whilst in transit.

We individually double bag our fish and add an additive to the water to help the fish during their overnight journey. Depending on the time of the year we will use one or two heat packs that will be securely taped to the underneath of the polystyrene box lid.

We will do our best to arrange a convenient delivery date as soon as possible after receiving your order but please bear with us at busy times, holidays and bank holidays.

Local & Weekend Delivery

This service is available during the week and both on Saturday and Sunday so ideal if you work in the week. Your fish will be personally delivered for a fuel surcharge. Please get in touch for prices and times.

Collection is by doorstep click and collect at the moment 

We are based in Eastwood, Nottingham and welcome to make an appointment to collect your fish in person, or simply prefer to see the fish before buying. To make an appointment please contact us. We are free most evenings and weekends. We require everyone to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer on entry. If possible we appreciate if you can bring your own carrier bag or cool bag/box.

To determine our location please go to the contact us page.