On this page we have tried to provide a list of frequently asked questions to ensure customers are as informed as possible. If you have any further questions or any suggestions on how we can improve this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Midlands Malawis?

Over 10 years ago we (Carl and Gemma) started out like anyone else and bought a tropical fish tank for the living room. We soon became addicted to keeping and breeding Malawi Cichlids. Rather than fill the house with fish tanks we decided to build a tropical fish house at the bottom of the garden. Midlands Malawis is a website we set up in July 2009 to allow us share our passion for these amazing fish with other Malawi Cichlid Keepers.

How do I buy fish from Midlands Malawis?

You can either buy the fish through the Midlands Malawis website or over the telephone using card payment. Otherwise you can make an appointment to select your fish in person at our breeding house in Nottingham. To make an appointment please contact us.

How do you take payments through the website?

Midlands Malawis uses PayPal Secure Payment to process all transactions. PayPal is the most popular and safest credit card processing system available trusted by over 200 million people around the World! If you would like to find out more about PayPal visit www.PayPal.com.

When customers follow the checkout process to purchase fish from Midlands Malawis, PayPal seamlessly handles all payment processing. Since PayPal handle all payments, Midlands Malawis do not store or have access to any customer credit card information and no personal information is passed on to anyone else.

Do you deliver the fish?

We do deliver using a special live stock licensed courier service. When we receive your order we will contact you via email to arrange a convenient delivery date. All we ask is that you are at the delivery address at the time of arrival to ensure the fish are placed in a tank as soon as possible.

Deliveries should arrive between 8:00am and 1:00pm.

To ensure your fish are comfortable for the journey, we pack them professionally with heat packs and an additive to reduce water pollution.  However, if night time temperatures are expected to go below 3 degrees we are unable to deliver fish. This will be fully communicated with you at the time, but if you have any queries, please contact us.

For more information and pricing see Delivery and Collection Service

How long will it take for my fish to arrive?

If you choose to purchase fish from us online, you can expect to receive your fish within 2 to 7 days we will check the weather forecast and be in touch first to confirm a suitable day.

However, due to holidays and the fact that we’re not in, we say that you will definitely receive your fish within 28 days. If you purchase fish from us and have not received an email from Midlands Malawis within a few days please contact us. Please do not worry if we are unable to respond immediately, as it may be during a holiday closure.

Unfortunately, we are unable to publicise when holiday closures will be.

Can I collect the fish in person?

If you live close to our breeding house in Eastwood, Nottingham and wish to collect your fish in person, or simply prefer to see the fish before buying, feel free to make an appointment. To make an appointment please contact us.

To determine our location please go to the contact us page.

Do you have a returns policy?

Midlands Malawis are dedicated to selling only the best Malawi cichlids. If however you are not happy with your purchase we do accept returns and will provide a refund of the value of the fish being returned (excluding delivery costs).

All returns must be within 28 days of receipt and in the condition in which they were sent. Returns are to be posted at the customer’s own expense and must be packaged appropriately (with heat packs) to ensure they survive the journey. Failure to do this may result in no refund.

Please contact us initially if you have any concerns with your fish.

What if the fish do not survive the journey?

We care for our fish very much and do everything possible to ensure that they arrive ok. To ensure they are comfortable for the journey we pack them professionally with heat packs to ensure the water temperature remains correct. Additives are put into the water to oxygenate it for transit. Fish should remain in transit for less 24 hours and we always ask that you are at the delivery address to receive the fish as soon as they arrive to place them immediately into a fish tank.

However if the fish still fail to arrive ok, we offer a full refund to the value of the fish (excluding the shipping cost) . All we ask is that you take a digital picture of the fish still in the original packing and email the photo to us at sales@midlandsmalawis.co.uk. For further details view the Terms and Conditions.

Where are the Terms and Conditions?

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions