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20 Mbuna fish selection B2


20 Mbuna fish selection B2

All fish in pairs 1 male 1 female where possible

You will receive

2x Cynotilapia Zebroides likoma 3-4cm

2x Metriaclima cheweree   4-5 cm

2x  Pseudotropheus Acei 4-5cm

2x labidochromis caeruleus 3-4cm

2x  Melanochromis Chipokee 4-5cm

2x  psuedotropheus socolofi 3-4cm

2x Metriaclima Williamsi blue lips 3-4cm

2x  metriaclima Kawanga gold(brown female)3-4cm

2x Idotropheus Sprengerae(rusty) 3-4-cm

2x labidochromis hongi sweeden 3-4cm


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